Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice of Life 25

Wilsons Prom

Small community,Wilsons Prom. My feet sink into Squeaky Beach, making Squeaky sounds as they do so. I see the Albino Wombat snug in its hole. My family, laughing and laughing. Great place, Wilsons Prom.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slice of Life 24


The city shines bright from my hotel window. The empire state stands tall, blocking out almost all of the buildings behind it from my view. Mum says that it's time to go. So I put on my big jacket and step into the elevator. We walk out of our hotel, the New Yorker, and head off to central park. My dad and I have an interesting conversation about movies, until we get there. I'm a bit disappointed that I'm spending New Years Eve in Central Park and not Times Square, but hey, what can you do? I'm still in New York, and there was supposed to be a big band playing. All of the trees have had there leaves fallen, and snow has submerged the grass, making the ground completely white. We wait for an hour till lots of people have arrived and the band get on stage. What follows is a three hour long concert that did heaps of different songs and at the end it turned out that there was around 20000 people there, and we were right at the front!

Slice of life 23

List of Favourite Skate Brands

  1. Plan B
  2. Element
  3. Santa Cruz
  4. DGK
  5. DC Shoes

Slice of life 22

Rome on Wheels

The sun shone on the trees, casting long shadows across the grass. We had already paid the guy at the stand to rent us some segways, and now he finally brings them out. Segways are a strange vehicles, with two wheels that would of been next to each other if not for the footrest in between. Handle bars rise high from the wheels, and the only way to move is by leaning forward and back. I put on my helmet and, carefully, step on. It's surprisingly steady. My sister gets on as well, and then my dad. But my mum needs the instructors help to get onto hers. He tells us that were good to go, and we zoom of. My sister and I are speeding through the trees, the wheels rolling smoothly on the pavement. We get to an open path, and I challenge my sister to a race. She accepts, counts down from three and we go as fast as we can. There other people on the path, forcing us to swerve left and right to avoid them.The end of the path nears, and I know that I have won. I come to a stop, my sister just a second behind me. We all continue to ride for a another hour or so till we had to go back. We all cautiously get off of are segways, except for Mum. Dad goes to help her, and as soon as she steps off of the segway, the wheels start spinning rapidly and it slams into him. He flies backwards, and the segway falls on top of him. The guy that rented us the segways rushes over to help, but my dad says he's fine. I burst out laughing, unable to stop. My sister does to, and Mum struggles to keep a straight face. Rome has been so much fun.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Slice of life 21

My Top Five Movies

Slice of life 20


A little villa , with a road leading up to the little village. Outside my window is a vineyard on a hill. In the distance there are more vineyards and more hills. It is quiet, with the smell if grapes in the air. This is Tuscany, Italy.

Sol 19

Australia Day Festival

Ryan and I have ridden around on our skateboards through the neighbourhood for hours. He came to my house at around 11 O'clock with two of his friends, Xavier and Shady. We hung out at the two schools across the road. When we got kicked out of a catholic school, we decided to go to the Australia day festival. It was a long ride, especially since I had a broken ankle. But with a moon boot on I was able to ride. It took about two hours to get there, considering that we made some stops along the way. The festival was packed. There must of been a little under a thousand people! We decided get some lunch at a KFC that was a few blocks away from the fete grounds. After we bought are food and sat down, a guy that was at the other counter started yelling at the staff, saying that he's been waiting 20 minutes for his food. The manager came out of his office and threatened to call the cops, and the guy said that he was to wussy to do it. So the manager called the cops, and the guy ran out of the front doors. After that happened we went back to the festival and went around the neighbourhood once more. It started to get dark so we all said are goodbye's, and went home.